You Don’t Know Me

You Don’t Know Me

by Imran Mahmood


An intense, gripping read, “You Don’t Know Me” consists almost entirely of one character speaking for himself in a court room, leaving us breathlessly following his story without pause to divert elsewhere. Not many authors could get away with such a story, but Mahmood pulls it off brilliantly.

Even more brilliant is the range of emotions this book created within me. All at once I felt bad for the main character, who has a very ‘disadvantaged’ background, yet I could never feel too bad due to his unique kind of in-eloquent intelligence. I felt conflicted and confused, was he a victim of his own environment and essentially a good person? But then again, he couldn’t be good if he did even half the things that he himself claimed that he did. This tugging back and forth with ┬ámy emotions went from beginning to end, where I STILL don’t have an answer.

In all, a very good read and one that makes you stop and think!


Rating: *****