The Verkreath Horror

The Verkreath Horror

by Martyn Stanley

This was a good read. The characters are much more complex and well developed compared to book 1; their personalities having subtleties that make them feel much more ‘real’. Brilliant characterisation and graphic, often gruesome, vivid depictions of the scenery mean that the plot feels slower and more measured, but without ever becoming frustrating or feeling like things were moving along too slowly. I can still smell the rotting corpses of Strak and feel the claustrophobic darkness of the Warren even now as I write this review.

The relationship between Vashni and Korhan was handled well in this book and I enjoyed their more subtle budding friendship greatly. We do hear much more from the other characters and it felt much more balanced as a result. Brael still leaves me intrigued and desperate for more,  Vortrex really comes into his own while fighting the Verkreath and Saul did a lot to help the group during the journey (though I felt he was unfairly sidelined, he was actually critical to their success).

All in all, a very good read. I’m very much enjoying seeing both the developing complexities of the characters, as well as seeing the evolution of an author. I look forward to the next instalment.

Rating: *****

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