The Last Dragon Slayer

The Last Dragon Slayer

by Martyn Stanley


This is book 1 in the Deathsworn Arc.


The book is not so much about the Last Dragon Slayer, who plays a relatively minor part. It is more focused on the relationship between Vashni and Korhan, two of the others that make up a rag-tag bunch of adventurers on their way to hunt down a dragon. I won’t give away what happens, but needless to say this relationship is very odd and reminds me of a magical “50 shades of grey” minus the sex and with a plotline.

Having said that, this was a much better read than the aforementioned book! The main characters are very well portrayed, although i’d like to have seen a little more of the others making up the journeying group. The pacing of the story during action scenes was spot on, and the ending was satisfying, if somewhat predictable. Overall, an enjoyable read.

Rating: ****

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