Luminescence (Rayne Trilogy: 1)

Luminescence (Rayne Trilogy: 1)

by Quoleen Sbrocca

Well, this one was a surprise. I have to confess, it started off slow and the way the characters spoke in their latin-based language irritated me a little.

However, irritation quickly became endearing and other-worldly and I became immersed in an interesting and exciting world; I felt that I was right there with Rayne as she discovered the results of receiving the Luminescence so late in life. As the book continued, it got better and better and I found myself caring more. By the end, I was eager to read more and have added the next book to my wishlist.

I have only marked it 4 stars because it took almost a third of the book for me to start to love it; I do wish that the first part made for easier reading but I get that this is hard when you are throwing your readers into a world that is so different from our own.


Rating: ****

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