Detective Dot

Detective Dot

by Sophie Deen


I got the full (physical) package of this, with the CIA card and missions and everything from the seller direct. My daughter loved the CIA card and showed it off to all her friends. She also read the book from beginning to end and seemed to enjoy it. I read it myself too and thought it was nicely put together, well presented with an interesting and unusual storyline.

This book does have a feminist and political slant and comes across as being slightly overdone to me even though i’m in support of this and a coding female myself. I did come to this completely uninitiated and unaware of the kickstarter project which launched the book. The story seems to shock you out of fantasy world quite suddenly with a list of facts and figures about working conditions in China, as one example, which is important to know in my opinion as it will spark discussion with your child which they may or may not be ready to handle – especially if your child is a young and advanced reader. I felt my daughter at 8 wasn’t quite old enough to be broaching some of the subjects raised, i’d recommend it for children 10+.


Rating: ****

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