Fire in Frost

Fire in Frost

by Alicia Rades


I enjoyed reading this book, and initially through this was going to be a 4 or 5 star rating as I got into the story quickly and loved the characters. However, the later stages of the book really let it down for me. I won’t go into details here because of spoilers, but I found the way a very sensitive issue was handled so well in the early stages, lost it’s sensitivity later on and got solved in the manner of a magician waving his wand and saying “so be it.” The whole thing just felt a bit too easy and had the feeling of the author losing steam as she got near the end and just wanted to finish the book. Still, it was an enjoyable story, and the characterisation was very well done.

I do think this book is better suited to the lower age range of the YA spectrum; the writing is free flowing and an easy read. This book does have themes of domestic violence but is done so in a way appropriate for younger YA readers. I wouldn’t have a problem with my daughter reading this book, infact i think it would do her some good to be aware of these issues in an accessible way.


Rating: ***

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