The Woodlands

The Woodlands

by Lauren Nicolle Taylor


The first part of this book was great, and then sadly it went downhill about a third of the way in with a plot twist which completely derailed the whole background that had been built up so vividly. I was sad to see this richly built world never to return later (or perhaps it’s more relevant to a future book, but I won’t be reading any more of this series) and it turned into ‘survival against the elements’ type of story. The world from which she escaped didn’t even put up much of a fight to try and find her, we just hear the whizz of overhead helicopters. Towards the end there is a further twist which catapults us back into a dystopian type setup of a different kind, the book feeling very unfinished and obviously trying (and failing in my case) to draw us in to the next book in the series.

There are lots of answers i’d like to get about the world that was presented to us initially in the book. Sadly, by the time i got to the end i just didn’t care that much anymore so won’t be seeing it through to the next installment.

Overall, a bit disappointed as there were so many positive reviews on Amazon!


Rating: **

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