Three Days Breathing

Three Days Breathing

by Mike Maguire


Three Days Breathing started off strongly and got even better as it went along. A lot of books in this genre are quite predictable in their outcomes, but this book delivered some very satisfying and interesting changes in plot along the way. The writing style is very vivid and economical, never meandering and bogging us down in unnecessary details.


The plot itself is riveting and I enjoyed every moment as it came; the ending left me wanting  more. As the plot unravelled, we find out more about the upper orders and the meaning of Corim’s life. If I was to write a plot outline here (which i won’t as i don’t want to spoil it) then it’d look incredibly bleak and dark, yet the author manages to broach the subject in a way which overall ends up being something positive and swiftly moving to a great conclusion. Don’t fear this book if you have read about it being dark, it isn’t scary in that sense, I found a lot to be hopeful for in the story and the fight of ‘good’ against ‘evil’.


Rating: *****


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